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RN 47 - Weekly report 10. April 29 2005



113: 113's ejector was cleaned and all the parts were fitted back with the new ejector camshaft and lifters. The cones were cleaned and the ejector was fitted back onto 113. The regulator gland was packed and that completed the repair work that was needed.

Des removed the left side motion and welded the motion pins and machined it again. He reamed the split pin holes and fitted it all onto the Barclay. This took a lot of time and Des really managed to machine all perfectly. There was no progress on the slide bar, for we are still waiting for Anco Air to deliver it. Des took off the left crosshead and will start to machine new crosshead slippers. He fitted the blow down cock pipe and will finish the Barclay and Henk will start with the boiler of No 88 on Monday.




Henry removed the rods and the brake gear. All the springs and spring hangers were removed as well. The cowcatcher and lots of various spares were removed. The front and rear pony wheels were removed.


Henry did not come to work today and I gave Arno the job to take out the driver wheels. First all the horn stays were removed and the heavy frame were lifted to a specific height to get the wheels out.


I am very pleased with the progress on 88 if considered that there is only one person on the units and one on the tanks.


Ben finished with the painting of four of the locomotives outside. Only the 16CR remains to be painted and then the for little diesel locomotives. Ben also painted the spare 16Cr driver wheels.

RN_47_08 RN_47_09


Arno and Oupa went to Welkom to rectify the side friction problem on one of the DZ's, which has to be moved by Spoornet.

Arno started with the B wagon, which was half restored. He removed the vacuum cylinder and overhauls it completely. A new roll ring, neck ring and nylon bush was fitted. He also fitted a new release valve and chamber pipes. He also started with the stencilling, but did not finish it because I used him on 88 today.

Ben started with the de-scale work on the B wagon while I did the rest of the fitting work that was needed. I took over the stencil work, from a train driver to spray painting. I am learning a lot, but surely not perfect with the spray work. Tomorrow I am going to spray the complete B wagon, so hold thumbs. I finished the other side of wagon number 2436 and have done the one side of wagon number 1125. It looks neater. RN_47_10


The bogies will be de-scaled and changed. This wagon will be finished, with stencilling done, by next week Friday.


The PE coach was moved to the shed and as soon as the paint is here, Ben will start to paint it cream.


All the wagons wool needs to be replaced with new ones. Note the wool in the axle box is crystallising.


1.) To prepare the GMAM to be towed to Bloemfontein.
2.) To paint the 16Cr with rust bond paint.
3.) To get the boilers ready for boiler inspection.
4.) To finish the paintwork on the PE coach.
5.) To rectify the points at Mooihoek.
6.) To fit the new water column canvas pipes.
7.) To fit the new centrifugal outside the shed.
8.) To start to machine bushes for 88
9.) To weld in new floor for 88 coalbunker.
10.) To service the points at Vailima.
11.) To move the coal that was offloaded from the B wagon into the coal shed.
12.) BSA railcar body
13.) 88 Unit
14.) 88 Tank and coalbunker
15.) Two bogies overhaul for B Wagon and to complete B wagon
16.) To start with next wagon to be refurbished.
17.) To start with 88's boiler.
18.) To place new wool and oil into mobile wagons axle boxes.
19.) To move the Big Yellow crane.