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RN 45 - Archive material of the loco called Sandy when it was at Midmar

Sandy at Midmar Historical Village

Aidan McCarthy has kindly supplied us with some of his archive photographs taken on the occasion of Sandy's first steaming at the Midmar Historical Village. There was a circular track about 2kms in length, a loco shed, carriage shed, passing loop and sidings
Most of the photos show it double heading with another locomotive thought to be Avonside built UVE 2, the only item of rolling stock pictured that has not found its way to Sandstone Heritage Trust.

RN_45_01_sandy_fowler_14316w RN_45_02_loco_crews_w

The open sided vehicle now has a canvas roof and closed in sides, the original having proved to be rather unsafe as it allowed people to jump on and off through the open sides, endangering themselves and others.
In a couple of photographs there is a grey haired gent in short trousers, that is Dick Collyer, who was responsible for keeping the locos running at Midmar and assisted Sandstone when the time came to load up the equipment for transfer to the Free State.
Also pictured is a large tug. Unfortunately this was scrapped on site as nobody was brave enough to try moving it, the vehicle which initially delivered it having been sold overseas.
Its interesting to compare Sandy's early preserved condition with the immaculate state it is in now.

RN_45_03_dick_collyer_w RN_45_04_passing_the_tugw

During its later years at Midmar Dick Collyer built a four wheel tender for it which we have now attached to the 1916 Barclay to assist with weight distribution in its modified state, Sandy thus reverting to original condition.