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RN 44 - Progress report on the Guards Van donated to the Welsh Highland Railway April 2005

Marcus Ingram, the Welsh Highland Railway's Guards Van restoration fundi has sent this latest progress report on the Guards Van donated by Sandstone Heritage trust to the Welsh Highland Railway. Sunday 17 April saw 4 people working on the brake van and serious advances were made. The dividing partition from the luggage area to the guards compartment was removed along with the toilet partitions, now giving one large compartment. RN_44_01

Along with this the Double doors both sides and the panels back to the guards doors were removed on one side. (Some people wonder why all the panels are being removed - take a look at what remains of the bolts holding these panels in place - Above right).

This allowed us access to the dreaded guards compartment floor, long anticipated to be in very poor condition as the water that had ingressed through the hole in the roof for many years had been soaked up by the wooden floor.

RN_44_02 Sure enough when we removed the wooden floor our worst suspicions were met. Approximately 1/2" thickness of rust leaving a floor paper thin where it was left, in other place it had just gone! Monday 18 April saw a team of 2 making further progress. The new fabricated arched end piece was offered up and into place. Then the two corner supports were removed that had suffered severe corrosion.
This arch piece (right) is needed to be in place before the two new corner pieces can be fabricated and will be required to hang the new pieces off prior to welding in place. The recently replaced floor panels were also given a protective coat of the ever present red oxide. RN_44_04


Next working party will be on the Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday of the Ffestiniog Railway 50th anniversary celebrations.

So if you would like to help dismantle the remaining panels please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tea, coffee and refreshments always at hand!