The magnetic particle inspection is now complete and the wall thickness testing complete. No cracks were detected in the tube plates and all wall thicknesses are well within specs bar the two back corners but these are cleared by the engineer for welding up. All the small tubes are now annealed and are ready for swaging (all 152 of them!). Window patches for the damaged smokebox are being fabricated and the hollow stays, part of the GPCS inlet system, have bored out. This was quite a long job as the original weld had spread making them difficult to remove. As a critical part of the GPCS system this job has to be exact. Our picture gallery shows the firebox end tube plate after all the weld seams have been measured, the small tubes after annealing, forming of the smokebox patches and the secondary air inlets  during machining to remove them.

IMG 20200224 WA0000

IMG 20200224 WA0001

IMG 20200224 WA0002

IMG 20200224 WA0005

IMG 20200224 WA0006

IMG 20200224 WA0007

IMG 20200224 WA0008

IMG 20200224 WA0009