Sandstone has acquired 91-019, the penultimate member of its class, from Port Elizabeth. 91-019 is believed to be the last unit given an overhaul by Transnet but a full inspection will be carried when the unit arrives at Sandstone this week. After almost 9 years out of use the unit looks a bit shabby but will be fully assessed by the loco workshop team.

Our pictures from Hansie Claasen show the complex loading procedure at Humewood Road on to the transport lowbed using two cranes.

IMG 20190301 WA0003

IMG 20190301 WA0004

IMG 20190301 WA0005

IMG 20190301 WA0008

IMG 20190301 WA0015

IMG 20190301 WA0028

IMG 20190301 WA0029

IMG 20190302 WA0001