Although much effort is concentrated on completing NGG11 number 52, the Bloemfontein team under Lukas Nel has been hard at work with the NG10 locomotive. Almost 200 boiler tubes have been prepared and swaged prior to delivery to Keith Steven’s KZN workshop where the boiler is undergoing major repairs. The pictures show the tube ends after swaging and the tubes being worked on in the swaging machine.

A complete tender tank has been fabricated and work will soon begin on the tender frames and the locomotive frames once the NGG11 has been despatched to Sandstone for commissioning.

Our pictures from Lukas Nel show the completed tender tank with full length side rails as per the original design, the tender frames and bogies and the locomotive frames.


IMG 20161123 WA0006


Sandstone NGG11 number 52 018


Sandstone NGG11 number 52 019


Sandstone NGG11 number 52 020


Sandstone NGG11 number 52 022


VID 20161123 WA0010 Moment


VID 20161123 WA0011 Moment