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Ex Sena Sugar number 13
Peckett 2144/1953

Updated - 15th May 2006 

The final example of the “triplets”, number 13 is in similar condition to number 11. When numbers 11 and 14 were shipped from Marromeu, number 13 was left behind as its position behind a container stack and surrounded by piles of other machinery precluded its easy removal and it remains at Marromeu. With sugar production and shipment taking all available space on the Sena barges to Beira, it is hoped that number 13 will be able to be removed by road in the not too distant future as the road system is upgraded. Although there is road access to Beira and Caia where the road to Sena branches off, the hilly nature of this final section precludes the use of the required low bed at this stage.


Peckett No. 13 shunting at Marromeu - June 9, 1975 - Photograph by Geoff Cooke