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MVH 14 - Military Machines Magazine - April 2007 - Peerless Trucks of WW1

16 March 2007



Our reason for being interested in Peerless is we have a magnificent old 1910 Peerless which according to its serial number must have done service in the First World War, was repatriated to Britain and then exported to South Africa where it worked in a brickworks in Grahamstown from approximately 1920 up until the early 1950's?

It is the intention of the Sandstone Heritage Trust to restore it back to its military configuration.

March/April's issue of Military Magazine has published a brilliant article on Peerless Trucks during World War 1.

Tim Gosling discusses the great trucks of the Great War Period. It seems that The Peerless was the most common of the 3-ton class of truck used at this time.

With the greatest of thanks to Military Machines International and Ian Young for the permission to use this article.

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