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Marmon Herrington Mk4 Armoured Car


For the latest update on progress, click here.

There two more updates on the blog

A further update on the Marmon-Herrington restoration. Click on the links below to YouTube to see her running.

Andy Selfe has made some significant progress on the Marmon-Herrington armoured car restoration over the holiday period. Click here to see the updated blog.

Report on 1SSB

On 10th July 2015 a group of 1SSB headed by Fanus Buys came for a walking tour. They were amazed to see all the collections of old vehicles, tractors and military vehicles. They took a lot of pictures. They were in love with this place, saying it’s wonderful and clean. After their enjoyable walking tour they made a braai at waenhuis. They said they will come back again. Here are some photos.

1SSB image 1

1SSB image 2

1SSB image 3

1SSB image 4

1SSB image 5

1SSB image 6

1SSB image 7


The Sandstone Heritage Trust Military Division has acquired a very useful ex British Army, ex Iraqi War, recovery vehicle. The primary reason for acquiring this is not to represent it as a particularly important military vehicle, particularly due to the fact that it has limited African connections, but more as a practical device.

This particular truck was designed to operate under combat conditions and can load or off-load 16-tons of ammunition or other materials in a very short space of time. This has practical benefits for us in an operational sense on a big arable farm and therefore it is another example of how Sandstone attempts to use Heritage items for the benefit of the business overall. In other words, our Heritage assets are being trained to pay their way.




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The sun doesn't often set on Sandstone's restoration programme in the Military Vehicle department of our Heritage collection. A scrap diesel refuelling tanker was located some time back in the yard of a dealer in these items. It has now been completely rebuilt and restored and is ready for use. In this case it is being towed by an entirely original Buffel Troop Carrier which is able to double up as a security vehicle for the Security Department and can refuel agricultural machinery in the field at the same time. It is very much a case of using top quality Military technology to further the crop production programme.

10.07.14 017


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A genuine guns to plough shears scenario!

Sandstone Heritage Trust participates in Change of Command Parade.

On the 24th of January 2014 the General Officer Commanding SA Army Armour Formation Brigadier General Burgert Christiaan Gildenhuys, SM, MMM handed over Command to Brigadier General Andre Retief SM (with bar) MMM at a Change of Command Parade at the Tempe Military Base in Bloemfontein.

Sandstone has a close working relationship with both the South African Army Armour Formation and the South Africa Armour Museum and was invited to the parade which was attended by Wilfred Mole and Michael Myers.

Sandstone was honoured to have its Sherman Tank take part in a drive past at the parade with other current and museum armour. The Sherman was driven by Sandstone's Desmond Clarke.

Sandstone has worked with Brigadier General Retief over many years and his appointment bodes well for the South Africa Armour Museum and Sandstone's relationship which will no doubt continue to grow from strength to strength.

We wish Brigadier General Gildenhuys and Brigadier General Retief all the very best with their new appointments.

































Military Machines International
The Sandstone Armour Collection 

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The Sandstone Armour collection includes a very original but as yet unrestored British Crusader Tank from the late thirties. These light, fast but poorly armed Tanks saw service in the early part of the war in North Africa. The attached article in a recent edition of Military Machines International refers.

Marmon Herrington Armoured car goes for restoration

A decision has been taken to commence the restoration of the Marmon Herrington Armoured Car supplied to us recently by the Armour Museum at the School of Armour in Bloemfontein (see: This project is typical of the type of cooperation which we enjoy with this fine organisation.

Step one will be to evaluate the condition of the vehicle and then the work will proceed. In this case we are out sourcing the restoration to Jan Fouche & Sons in Lichtenburg who are specialists in the restoration of old World War Two Military vehicles.