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Sandstone Estates Website received this request on 22nd January 2010:




On the 5th January 2008 you had an article on your website


in which at the bottom you refer knowingly to one Servaas Daniel de Kock.  My dad (now 92) is Servaas Daniel de Kock Venter and his name entered the Venter lineage via the De Kock part.  Up to now I never traced that line, but since my son also carries that name, I would be interested to pick up that part of history.  Can you refer me to someone who can point me in the right direction?



Dr Maarten J Venter


Dr M J Venter

Noordwes-Universiteit                 North-West University 

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Joanne reacted immediately: 

Hi Andy, 

Here’s an interesting e-mail for you.  Can you assist? 



The next day, Dr Venter received this reply: 

Hello Maarten 

Today I was on Compagnes Drift, which Servaas Daniel De Kock was given by General Janssens for his conduct at the Battle of Blaauberg, and asked Jayne Beaumont, whose farm it is, the best way for you to find out about the De Kock family. 

She said that last year she was contacted by a Gideon De Kock, who had just finished a book on the family. Apparently the family split up and went different ways, some to Port Elizabeth, where I understand Gideon  is. He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Otherwise a Lourens De Kock is in Jo'burg on 083 412 8147 and Loubser De Kock in Pretoria on 082 823 4514. The book, of which 100 copies were printed, came out in August last year, as you can see from the contents (see attachments) it runs to over 1000 pages, and it costs R640 + R60 for P&P. 

The De Kock gentleman who visited us on the farm a couple of years ago lives in Onrust River, part of Hermanus. He brought along a display case containing the sash actually worn by Servaas De Kock at the Battle of Blaauberg, and a Christening cup said to have been made of his stirrups, melted down.


In the Mill house which I am busy restoring on the farm, we have a photograph of this display case, a short history of the importance of the Cape during the Napoleonic Wars, and a copy of a Daguerreotype photo of Servaas De Kock, said to be one of the first photos done by that method in the country.


I hope some of this helps. Naturally we would be delighted if you were to pay a visit to the farm! 


Andy Selfe. 

Further reading on the Battle of Blaauberg can be read on C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\3237AUXA\The Battle of Blaauwberg Heritage Committee Bi-Centenary Official Site  The Battle of Blouberg.htm