Rewilding Sign

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Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation which we  support at Sandstone Estates. It is about letting nature take care of itself and enabling nature’s magical ability to heal itself.

By rewilding we allow nature to create undisturbed  biodiverse habitats. 

100% of the complex that you are in at the moment was put down to lawn or brick paving or roads. That is changing. We only cut lawns where people need to move around and we only cut grass if we think that there is a potential for a fire risk. Apart from that we will let nature dictate what it would like to see growing in a specific area.

If you walk into an area that was previously a cut lawn but which has now gone wild, you will discover a place that is alive with reptiles, small mammals, birds and of course insects. The only intelligent thing that man can do is to leave these areas alone – do not go there, do not walk there and do not disturb them.  Our complex is big enough that one does not need to take short cuts through rewilding areas because we have cut pathways to accommodate that.